Saturday, July 3, 2010

New blog for the last time....

"Trying to blog is like trying to set up your business", I heard someone says. So for my third and final attempt to make one, I announce the opening of my third blog! Yay!~

I really think introducing me is unnecessary as my profile can be viewed on the side. But still....

The name is Dominic John "DJ" Chan Maca. I'm also known in the net as "djmaca" or as "THE ULTIMATE BYSTANDER". I'm currently an unemployed fresh graduate of Computer Science from STI. In short: I'm a NEET(wiki it!).

So what is this all about? My most accurate description is a online journal(diaries are for girls) of what am I currently up to. That includes birthdays, holidays and vacation. LOLZ.

So have a good 4th of July people!


  1. Computer Science FTW

    All Hail Lolitannia. good luck on becoming a famous blogger trololol

  2. All hail knight djmaca of lolitannia!!
    Good luck on becoming a better blogger than me XD
    (that's not hard at all though)

    ~loli-chan of FH <3