Saturday, July 31, 2010


So here I am trying to find a living. Between that and the e-mail sessions, my world is under fire by the evils of US Publishing companies. Add to that is 2-chan trolling everyone of the non-Japanese Anime and Manga fans..... Sigh....

Really! Has everything finally gone to pot for my brain? A person in my shoes would have been overwhelmed with despair eons ago, trying to imitate a certain Japanese teacher. Here I am breathing air as if nothing!

The truth is, I am really feeling tired this past few days. I feel so pressured by the world around me I'm suprised I'm still alive. Every part of my body feels weak, though I don't know why.

Then again.... Maybe there is really no reason for me to feel pressured except for being the totally unemployed part. But I do get the feeling I will get a job by the end of this year.... I hope.... sigh....

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